He grabbed my elbow and

His friend was laughing

I’ve got tears in my eyes

I stand up and shout

The audience now a circle around me

I’m not part of the show

The show still goes on

I screw my eyes up

As I push past the people

Some worried, some laughing

I open my eyes to the glare of the

Sun and sheets.


[Photo: by Gadion on http://www.pxleyes.com/photography-contest/21034/passing-time-2.html]


I want to tell you all that I am sorry.

 You are probably wondering why I brought you here today. (NOTE: bring a cat)

No, not that.

I want to explain myself.

 There is a new mission. Collect your gadgets on the way out.

I’m just

My brain is just

The words are not

 The mission is top secret, I will give you more details on location.

There’s been so much to do and it’s all bubbled up in my brain and

I just need to take a little break

Here are your fake ID’s. You will refer to me using the codename “Quiet” from now on.

From you, yes.

From me, ideally.

Good luck, team.



When I held your hand I slipped string around your palm;

When I embraced you I tied string around your waist;

When I kissed you I tied string around your tongue.


You snore, while I work.

I’m tying knots, braiding string.


In the morning I lift the corner of your mouth upwards.

The strings are pulled to and fro by my fingers.

Your wooden smile [almost] convinces me.



Image found at: http://simonwoodwardphotography.com/p/store/products/puppet-show/



He made this in prison

when the days got longer

and shorter

and completely out of sync.


He wrote on it

when his chest got heavy

and his feet were off the ground

and scared.


He left it here

when he left his record player here

and his toothbrush

and me.


I put everything in a black bin bag

calling over from the passenger side of the van

leaving on your doorstep:

the record player,

the toothbrush,

every present you ever gave me.

I kept this.


Image: Street art in Amsterdam