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When I held your hand I slipped string around your palm;

When I embraced you I tied string around your waist;

When I kissed you I tied string around your tongue.


You snore, while I work.

I’m tying knots, braiding string.


In the morning I lift the corner of your mouth upwards.

The strings are pulled to and fro by my fingers.

Your wooden smile [almost] convinces me.



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Social Media Romance

I’m sad and you know

nothing about me.

Put the phone down.

You can’t text your

way into my head.

Sharing blankets, sharing platter

of my brain.

Picking at it; finger food.

You’ve not decided if you’re



I’ve little desire to explore

my head, with




Now I’m older, when I run

I’m running on planes and trains

I’m running in the backseat of a stranger’s car

Waking up in someone else’s bathroom.

Running out of time,

Racing against sanity.


Now I’m older, when I cry

I’m crying through songs and bongs

I’m crying with my skin wrapped around someone else

Waking up into another dream again.

Running out of water,

Racing against insanity.


Picture credits: Nela Dunato on Pinterest