This poem is not a cup of tea but I wish it was

This poem is not a cup of tea but I wish it was

How many did I just want something from?

just, let yourself do stupid things

breathe and relax

radio and a cuppa is bliss

a tape player collecting dust

I used to draw pictures from above, of rivers usually

Good poetry is timeless but out relationship has expired

I fell into another

irrational fear

There’s beauty in the loneliness of man

life is one big whole chemical reaction

Craving food my tongue disagrees with

her edges blurring with the bedsheets

do you have a type?

Cracks in the paper

like a child I can’t cope without pain.

Demanding is unfair.

immediate regret.

I stare at it despite the pointlessness of it

the hint the world gets that things don’t fit quite right inside my head

I’ve been sad since the colour yellow

how does it feel to truly let go?

Green-eyed monsters eat people like you for breakfast.

for a girl who talks so much you say very little.

Should regret change anything?

How long do you need to be alive until you feel it?

emotions are weakness

sucked back into a world of faces like his

the corners blunted with sandpaper

The faeries went shopping,

I swear it.


[Picture credits: Planet Gliese (2013) by Yasuo Nomura)


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