in my head smacking the cold dusty floor / i dont feel it because my body is someone elses / in standing back and saying “i made that” / physical overhaul / in dancing to the deafening music / a one person party and capacity is reached / in my head spinning from the hallway floor / its all someone elses storyline / in the swings with the music up and up and up / fear is the only proof im not ill / in the softening of faces / look at me again and say it / in my heart rate / breathless / in the honesty of “slow down” / a cup of tea is warmth and friendship / in clean sheets / or the luxury of unwashed bodies / in the rejection of tired yawns / keep me awake / in the stories you told me / and up and again and up / in the squeak of shoes on the floor / something new something new / in the writing i show you / poetry is private.

[Picture credits: agsandrew via Shutterstock]



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