confide in yourself

confide in yourself

I met a girl in the park

where an there is an assault

almost every fortnight.

She tells me her nipples

are odd, wrong, gross.

She couldn’t


get a professional bra fitting,

for fear this women,

who sees the flesh of so

many women a day,

would be disgusted


by the body she was presented with.

This body

that is designed to bring

life itself

into existence.

This vessel that holds

emotions you cannot

translate into language.

This intelligent being enclosed

in muscle and skin and fat.

A heart that beats (fights)

to keep you alive,

no questions asked.

She is not comfortable


and avoids the mirrors

in fear of her own shell.

My dear, your body is

only one part of the puzzle

(and it puzzles me so).

Anybody, my friend, who thinks

negatively about your body

does not deserve your time.

Demand more.

Of them and of you.

Her bottom lip is wobbling

on a path where

that girl was raped.

There is so much in this world

to be truly terrified of,

and your fat, girl,

your body, girl,

that is not one of them.


Picture credits: Rebloggy






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