Tell me where home is. Tell me what it feels like. Who does it remind you of? How many people have you loved? Did you tell them all? What is your favourite fruit? Your favourite person in the whole-wide-world? What’s your first childhood memory? Tell me your worst nightmare. Tell me the worst thing you have ever done. Do you regret it? Would you change things? What magical creature would you be, if you had to be one? What’s the worst thing about you? What’s your favourite thing about yourself? About me? Tell me about your Mum. And your Dad. Did you have a childhood bestfriend? How many bestfriends have you had? Tell me a funny sto



Tell me a funny story about an ex. Tell me what family traits you have. Do you want kids? What do you want to achieve with your life? What’s your “type”? Do you love me? Are you hungry? What’s your favourite food? Can you cook? Will you cook for me, sometime? Are you messy or tidy? Over or under-packer? Favourite song? Okay, 3 desert island songs? Do you read? What? Are you always honest? What’s the first thing you noticed about me? Do you think I’m an idiot? Tell me something nice. Do you think you’re a “good” person? How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? Who broke you? Do people hate or love you? Why? Do you hate yourself? Have you ever hurt yourself? What’s the most scared you’ve ever been? Could you kill someone? Could you kill me? What’s your favourite colour today? Tell me your ideal day out? Are you tired?

I’m sorry, you can sleep.



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