I pulled the quilted night from the sky and draped it around my shoulders,

Pulled the soft velvet of the night up to the ears, disappearing.

Enveloped in blackness, I allowed my muscles to finally relax.

The sun cowered on the other side of the Earth, refusing to rise without the night to follow.

In the dark you can be anything.

With no days to regulate the speeds at which my eyelids opened and closed,

I began to forget the difference between the two.

A hand reached underneath my night cloak. “You cannot hide forever.”

I gathered up my cloak of dark around my ankles.

When I let go of the cloak it became the night once more, the background to my movie scene,

My singular vulnerability was left unprotected and unawares.

My tears rolled like boulders gaining speed down my cheeks,

Any feelings of safety were fading fast.


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