Short Story: CHLAMYDIA

I push as hard as I can, holding my breath in concentration.

“I’d piss faster if you weren’t fuckin’ watchin’ me.”

“Yeah, well, I’d feel less bloody nervous if we could get outta here. Can’t carry this bastard thing myself.”

This has got to be the longest piss I’ve ever taken.

“Right, let’s go.”

I’m fumbling with my zip. I give up. The button’s done up and as long as they ain’t coming down it doesn’t matter, we need to move. Picking up the other half of the telly, I grunt a little involuntarily. We half-jog away, only held back from running my the coordination it takes to move with the TV between us.

I try and slow my breath down, but I’m panting pretty hard by the time we stop. When we’re inside, TV ‘n all, we laugh. Out of relief, probably. At how stupid we are. How stupid the police are. Fuck the system man, fuck it all.

Alec’s hands are shaking when he passes me the joint. He laughs again, nervously this time.


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