Run (3/3)

Pete turns around and ‘e’s got tears in his eye. Tears I tell ya! God, anyone wi’ think the boy wasn’t grown!

C’mon Petey boy ya’ ne’er liked ‘er much anywho! Yeah, yeah, I know really. Me? Oh I don’ think aboot it much.

I tell ya’, ‘e ne’ver gon make it swimmin’ wi’ the big fish, showin’ emotion like that!

Ye got the stuff then? Good on ya’! ‘Ere ave a swig o’ this. Go on son! Down the ‘atch.

Reeght, better ring thee big ol’ boss man then. I walk out o’ Pete’s earshot. Can’ ‘ave ‘im ‘earing this, now can we?

“You have it?”

Um-hmm, course I do. Ne’er let ya’ down before ‘av I? ‘n the boy? What am I to do wi’ him? M-hmm, yeah. Sure, see ye all soon.

A take the gun out me pocket. First thin’ first: get the goods, get oout.


(FLASH FICTION part 3 of 3- 150 words)


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