RUN (2/3)

I see her running at me. She’s never going to make it.

I’ve got no choice, I step back, one foot inside the train. Staying here is impossible. I’ll leave without the package if I have to. I’ve got no choice. They’ll understand.

Is this the last time I’ll see her face?

When have we ever been apart this long before?


Because this time I’m not coming back. And she knows it. She must.


All my childhood memories are of her, and hers of me. We are one of the same. Two bodies, one heart.


I know what she is going to do before she does it. The door is closing.


The package hits me in the face, she always was the better catcher. The door shuts. This is it. It doesn’t feel real. My eyes are blurred, but I think she got away. I hope she got away.


(FLASH FICTION part 2 of 3- 150 words)


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