RUN (1/3)

Somebody tapped on my shoulder. I didn’t turn around fast enough to see them, but I didn’t need to. I push my hair behind my ears in vain. The wind whips around my ears and once again there is hair in my mouth.

If they are here I will have to move quickly.

Keeping my head down, I pick up my pace in the direction of the stairs. Somebody knocked into me. One of them? I grip my bag tighter.

The tension suffocates me. I’ve forgotten how to breathe but I sure as hell still know how to run. Guess it’s time to prove it.

My feet work independently from my brain. They push my weight past the commuters and down the stairs. Instinct has control now. I can see the train just ahead. And him. You can do this.

The whistle is blown. I throw the bag and pray.


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