I make drawings of nothing at all. Shapes that appear behind closed eyes. Close your eyes. When you open them there’s no surprise waiting but an empty room. Why did you close your eyes? You forgot how it started.

Blood and water swirled together like playmates. Taunting. Young children teasing each other. Boys will be boys. It means he likes you. The blood is washed down the plughole. Alice falling down the rabbit hole. What wouldn’t you give to wake up in wonderland? My body stings under the water.

Storybooks don’t tell you how dead you can feel being alive.

Am I dreaming again? My boot catches on the pavement. Concrete hits me where the rabbit hole should be. What if I didn’t get up? What if I just lay here? How long until someone would pick me? My skin decomposes into the ground. I hit the pillow and

wake up. Alice in a dream. Reality melts on your tongue. Swallow. Get up.


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